JX Filtration Bag Filter Vessel

Bag Filter Vessel is also known as Bag Filter Housing and Industrial Filter Housings.
Bag Filter Vessel consists of a filter body, filter bag, stainless steel mesh, etc. The filter bag is supported by the stainless steel mesh inside. The liquid flows into the chamber via the inlet and goes through the filter bag. The liquid permeates the filter bag to obtain qualified juice while the impurities are blocked in the filter bag. The filter bag can be reused repeatedly after washing or cleaning. And also, the filter bag is easy to change. With no material consumption, this filter has a low operation cost.

Based on years of filtration knowledge and experience, JX Filtration has engineered a range of single vessels for liquid filtration applications in practically all industries. We can offer a standard 6 bar, stainless steel design, or tailor-made design to suit your requirements based on our successful duplex filter range. As being the manufacturer of both vessels and consumables, JX Filtration offers the optimum combination.