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Filter Bag (3)

Multi-bag filter is the largest water treatment filter equipment, due to the combination of multi-bag, it can reach a maximum of 300 tons/hour of water production. It can meet the demand of large and super large industrial sewage filtration treatment. The filtering effect of multi-bag…
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As a common equipment for realizing solid-liquid separation, bag filter has the characteristics of simple operation and strong adaptability, and has been widely used in automobile coating process. In the assembly process, whether iron filings, iron powder, dirty oil and other pollutants can be effectively…
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PP Filter Bag

Polypropylene filter bag also called PP filter bag, is a polypropylene material bag filter element. The filter material forms a three-dimensional, highly fluffy three-dimensional depth, tortuous filter layer, which is characterized by loose fiber tissue, high rate increases the capacity of impurities. The fiber…
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