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Quick-opening Bag Filter

The quick-opening bag filter, also known as the clamshell-type stainless steel bag filter, is highly suitable for handling water, chemicals, gases, and other media, offering high filtration efficiency and excellent performance.

quick-opening bag filter

  1. Product Introduction

The shell material of the bag filter is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, etc. High-quality filter bags with excellent chemical properties, stability, and heat resistance are selected. The sealing ring adopts high-quality O-ring sealing for safety and security during production use.

The quick-opening bag filter is a simple, easy-to-operate, convenient, and efficient bag filter suitable for high flow rates and frequent filter bag replacements in processes. Multi-bag filters are suitable for high-flow filtration, with a large filtration area and capacity to accommodate more impurities. The filter is designed for side entry and bottom exit, ensuring thorough drainage during discharge. The cover is sealed with bolts and equipped with excellent flanges and sealing ring ports, providing reliable leak-proof performance for peace of mind during use.

  1. Installation and Use

The bag filter is connected to the customer's pipeline via flange connection, featuring a quick-opening structure to reduce downtime. The spring-assisted weight balance structure makes the top cover lightweight, requiring only a gentle push or pull by hand to open or close the cover, making cleaning and replacement of filter bags more convenient and efficient.

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