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Bag Filter


Bag filters are divided into: single bag filters, multi-bag filters, and sandwich type bag filters.

Bag filter
  • Multi-bag filters: Suitable for high-flow filtration. Available from 2-bag to 24-bag machines, with complete specifications. Inlet and outlet flange diameters range from φ50 to 450MM, with a maximum flow rate of 90-1000m3/h per unit. Quick-opening designs are available for convenient bag replacement. Also suitable for applications where bag replacement is desired after a longer period of use.
  • Sandwich type bag filters: With a double-layer cylinder structure, the sandwich layer can be used for steam or heat transfer oil to maintain or increase the temperature of the material fluid, prevent material solidification, increase the filtration speed of viscous liquids, or meet temperature requirements for the next process.

Filter Operation and Precautions:

The operation of this machine is simple. When using it, simply install the required grade of filter bag in the filter cylinder, check if the O-ring seal is intact, and then tighten the circular bolts of the filter cylinder cover to start working.

After the pump is started, the pressure gauge on the filter machine will slightly rise, and the initial pressure is about 0.05MPa. As the usage time increases, the filter residue in the cylinder gradually increases. When the pressure reaches 0.4MPa, the machine should be stopped, and the cylinder cover should be opened to check the residue left by the filter bag. The filter bag can be replaced for continued use (the filter bag can be reused after cleaning).

The filter pressure is generally adjusted to 0.1-0.3MPa, which is more appropriate. It can be adjusted through the reflux pipeline or the reflux valve on the pump. Excessive filtration pressure will damage the filter bag and protection net, so special attention should be paid.

Bag filters are mainly used in the following scenarios:

Paints, beers, vegetable oils, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum products, textile chemicals, photosensitive chemicals, electroplating solutions, milk, mineral water, hot solvents, latex, industrial water, sugar solutions, resins, inks, industrial wastewater, fruit juices, edible oils, waxes, etc.

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