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Quick Opening Bag Filter

The Quick-Open Bag Filter Housing, also known as stainless steel quick-open bag-type filter, is a newly designed filter bag type filter that is operationally convenient and economically efficient. It is an improved version of traditional bag-type filters, optimizing their operability and safety. Its quick opening and closing feature saves time and eliminates the problem of side leakage due to improper operation by workers.

Quick-Open Bag Filter Housing

Quick-Open Filter Specifications:

◆ Design Pressure: 0.6~1.6Mpa

◆ Main Body Material: SUS304, SUS316

◆ Filter Material: SUS304, SUS316

◆ Sealing Material: Butyl Rubber, Fluororubber, EPDM, PTFE

◆ Inlet and Outlet Diameter: DN65-200 flange or 2.5"-8" threaded

◆ Theoretical Flow Rate: 80-240m³/H (depends on material medium)

◆ Design Temperature: ≤90°, ≤160°

◆ Equipped Filter Bag: Standard No. 2 Bag

◆ Filtration Area: 1-3㎡

◆ Cylinder Diameter: Φ400-Φ650mm

◆ Installation Height: ≈1650mm-≈1900mm

◆ Surface Treatment: Glass bead blasting, polishing, electrolytic polishing

Advantages of Quick-Open Filters:

  ◆ Maximum Design Pressure of 1.6Mpa (16Bar)

  ◆ Each filter bag is equipped with an individual locking device to ensure a tight seal

  ◆ Easy to open with a single finger, aesthetically pleasing design with high filtration capacity

  ◆ Can be equipped with heating jackets according to material characteristics

  ◆ Inlet and outlet direction of the filter can be designed according to user pipeline position

  ◆ Material of the filter can be selected as SUS304, 316L according to material characteristics

  ◆ Compared to clamp-type quick-opening machines, the simplified type has economic advantages

  ◆ Suitable for conditions where filter bags are frequently replaced and there is certain pump pressure


Suitable for precise solid-liquid filtration in industries such as grease, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, paints, coatings, food and beverages, chemical fibers, and wastewater treatment. Typically, to maintain the high efficiency and filtration accuracy of bag filters and ensure that downstream liquids are not contaminated, the filter should be shut down after running for a period of time, the end cover should be opened, and the retained material and filter bag should be removed together, and a new filter bag should be replaced. The replacement period depends on the actual situation.

Selection Considerations:

● If the viscosity of the filtering medium is high, the flow rate of the filtering system will decrease, so a larger flow rate filter should be selected.

● If high filtration accuracy is required, the resistance of the filtering medium passing through is more affected by the density of the filter material, so a larger filtration area should be selected.

● If there are many impurities and the liquid turbidity is high, the filtration speed will be slow, so a larger filtration area should be selected.

● If the filtering medium is rigid, surface filtration can be chosen, such as single wire mesh, nylon mesh, etc.; if the medium is soft or in a suspended particle state, deep filtration should be chosen, such as PP filter bags, etc.

● If the filtering process cannot be stopped for cleaning, standby filters should be selected, and regulating valves and shut-off valves should be added to the pipeline.

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