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Duplex Bag Filter Housing for Continuous Operation

The Duplex Bag Filter Housing, also known as the Duplex Switching Filter, manufactured by JX Filtration, consists of two stainless steel filters connected in parallel. It features a novel and rational structure, excellent sealing performance, strong flow capacity, and easy operation, making it a versatile filtration equipment applicable across various industries.

Duplex Bag Filter Housing

Operating Principle:

The Duplex Bag Filter Housing is equipped with stainless steel filter cartridges and filter support baskets, with an air release valve at the top to discharge air from the filter. The quick-opening structure between the upper cover and the filter cartridge facilitates easy cleaning and replacement of the filter. The inlet and outlet valves use three-way ball valves for opening and closing, which are pressure-resistant and temperature-resistant, ensuring flexible and convenient operation.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Filtration Area: 0.15 m² - 15 m²
  2. Filtration Capacity: 5 t/h - 900 t/h
  3. Temperature Range: ≤120°C
  4. Mesh Size: 60 - 1000 mesh
  5. Working Pressure: ≤1.6 MPa
  6. Filter Material: Q235, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316
  7. Inlet/Outlet Diameter: DN20 - DN250

Product Features:

  1. Continuous Operation: Traditionally, when the filter cartridge of a single-cylinder filter becomes blocked to a certain extent, the main unit needs to be stopped for cleaning or inspection. The dual union filter produced by AT solves this problem by using two three-way ball valves to assemble two single-cylinder filters on one machine base, allowing the filter to be cleaned without stopping, ensuring continuous operation.

  2. Quick-Opening Structure for Easy Replacement and Cleaning: The upper cover of the dual union filter is connected to the filter cartridge using a quick-opening structure, making it more convenient to clean or replace the filter. Three adjustable support feet ensure the stability of the filter on the ground. The connection pipelines use flexible joints or clamp connections, and the inlet and outlet valves use three-way ball valves for opening and closing, which are pressure-resistant, temperature-resistant, and operationally flexible and convenient, ensuring no leakage of material.

  3. Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Material: The dual union filter can be made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, suitable for handling various acidic, alkaline, solvent, and neutral liquids.

  4. Novel and Rational Structure with Excellent Sealing Performance: The Duplex Bag Filter Housing features a novel and rational structure with excellent sealing performance, strong flow capacity, and easy operation, making it a widely applicable equipment.

  5. Minimal Side Leakage: The dual union filter has minimal side leakage of filter bags, ensuring accurate filtration precision and enabling quick replacement of filter bags with minimal material consumption, significantly reducing operational costs.


  1. Industrial Sector: Used for simple filtration of recycled cooling water in some industrial processes to save costs.

  2. Steel and Petroleum Industries: Used for circulating water filtration in the steel and petroleum industries.

  3. Domestic Use: Used for filtration of daily domestic water and process water.

  4. Aquaculture Industry: Used for purifying seawater in aquaculture centers requiring water quality control and for freshwater aquaculture water filtration purposes.

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