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Advantages of Bag Filter Housings

Bag filters stand out as versatile, compact, easy-to-operate, energy-efficient, and effective filtration equipment. Internally supported by a metal mesh basket, liquid flows in through the inlet, passes through the filter bag, and exits through the outlet, with impurities intercepted within the bag. The filter bag can be replaced, ensuring continued use.

Bag Filter Housing

Bag filters offer a host of advantages, including a rational structure, excellent sealing, strong flow capacity, and user-friendly operation. Notably, they have a low bag leakage rate, ensuring filtration precision and facilitating quick bag changes, reducing operational costs. The inner and outer surfaces of the filter are mechanically sandblasted and polished, ensuring uniformity and ease of cleaning.

The filtration method employed by bag filters is side-in and side-out, although a side-in and bottom-out approach is also feasible. The liquid medium to be filtered is pressurized or drawn into the bag filter barrel through the pipeline, and the filtration occurs through the filter bag supported by an electro-polished perforated basket. The changing solid-liquid reaches the desired result independently.

Bag filters come in various types, such as single-bag filters, multi-bag filters, swing-arm bag filters, high-precision bag filters, etc., with a filtration precision ranging from 1 to 10 microns.

Key Advantages:

  1. Low Bag Leakage Rate: Ensures high filtration quality.

  2. Can Handle Higher Working Pressure: Low pressure loss, low operating costs, and significant energy savings.

  3. Continuous Improvement in Filtration Precision: Down to 0.5μm.

  4. Large Processing Capacity, Small Volume: High dirt holding capacity.

  5. Convenient Bag Replacement: Based on the working principle and structure, bag replacement is quick and easy, and the filter is self-cleaning, saving labor and time.

  6. Reusable after Bag Cleaning: Cost-effective.

  7. Wide Range of Applications: Versatile, flexible, and diverse installation methods.

Advantages of Bag Filters:

  1. Compact Structure and Reasonable Size: Simple installation and operation, small footprint.

  2. High Filtration Precision: Suitable for fine particles or suspended matter, with a filtration range from 0.5 to 200 microns.

  3. High Processing Flow Rate per Unit Filtration Area: Low filtration resistance, high efficiency.

  4. Wide Range of Uses: Applicable for coarse, medium, or fine filtration, offering lower investment costs, longer lifespan, and lower filtration costs compared to plate and frame filters, cartridge filters, etc.

  5. High Filtration Precision and Large Processing Capacity: Cost-effective and efficient.

  6. Self-Cleaning Liquid Bag Filters: No cleaning required, and bag replacement takes less than 30 seconds, convenient and time-saving.

  7. Comprehensive Specifications: Including low-pressure, side-entry, top-entry, multi-bag, and horizontal types.

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