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Duplex Bag Filter Housing

The Duplex Bag Filter Housing is composed of two cylinders and connecting pipelines. The filter cylinder is equipped with a stainless steel filter screen and a filter screen support basket; the top is equipped with an air release valve, which is used to discharge the air during filtration. The connection with the filter cartridge adopts the flange structure, and the three adjustable feet can make the filter placed on the ground stably. The inlet and outlet valves are opened and closed by three-way ball valves, which are resistant to pressure and temperature, flexible and convenient to operate, and more hygienic without leakage of material liquid.


  • Duplex Bag Filter Housing can be operated continuously without stopping.
  • Duplex Bag Filter Housing can be 1 operate+ 1 standby, switching back and forth, and can also be used at the same time to improve work efficiency.
  • Duplex Bag Filter Housing has a reasonable structure, small footprint, good sealing, strong circulation capacity, easy operation and many other advantages.
  • Duplex Bag Filter Housing combination methods are diverse, bag + bag type, filter element + filter element, other filter systems and other combinations, filter bag or filter element side leakage rate is small, can accurately ensure the precision of filtration, and can quickly replace the filter bag, so that the operating cost is reduced.
  • The filter surface is mechanical sandblasting polishing treatment, uniform, easy to clean, but can also be hygienic mirror polishing.


1. Filtration of domestic water supply and production process water supply.
2. Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, softening, ion exchange and other pretreatment.
3. Seawater purification for sea treasures breeding; filtration of factory seawater and freshwater aquaculture.
4. Oilfield reinjection water filtration.
5. Filtration of circulating cooling water.
6. Reclaimed water reuse, advanced wastewater treatment and filtration.
7. Filtration of circulating water in steel, petroleum, chemical, paper, automobile, food, metallurgy and other industries.
8. Purification of groundwater and surface water in addition to turbidity.
9. Central air conditioning, boiler return water filtration.
10. Equipment that has certain requirements for water quality should filter the water supply.
11. Water purification for swimming pools and landscapes.
12. Municipal, green space spraying, watering, agricultural sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation water filtration.

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