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Jacketed Bag Filter Housing

Jacketed Bag Filter Housing has double layers. There is an external layer outside the housing. With an layer inlet and an outlet is equipment on the external layer, steam, water and conduction oil can be introduced into the it. By this way, this filter can keep or increase the liquid temperature in the vessel so that to protect liquid from crystallization or solidification caused by temperature dropping and improve the filter speed of viscous liquid.

And it also can meet the temperature requirement in the next process. The jacketed bag filter housing can be customized per customer's working condition.

Jacketed Bag Filter Housing


  • Suitable for filtration of large flow or high solid content materials.
  • Powerful filtering platform to meet various filtering requirements.
  • High flow and low pressure loss, saving pump energy consumption, more obvious advantages in filtering mucus.
  • The filter is easy to open and close, and the filter bag can be replaced quickly, saving labor costs.
  • Reference pressure vessel design.
  • Design and manufacture according to strict quality standards, workmanship.
  • Using pure stainless steel (SS304/316L).
  • Scientific and reasonable structure, good sealing and humanized design.
  • A variety of design forms are optional, more targeted to meet customer requirements.
  • Under the premise of achieving the same filtration effect, it has more advantages than cartridge filters and raw water pre-treatment filters: low investment cost, low filtration cost, and long service life.


Pre-filtration or ultra-filtration in chemical industry, food & beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry. It can realize steam heating or condensing cooling fro viscous material or the material that need thermal insulation.

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