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Application of Bag Filter in Pre treatment of Automobile Coating


With the rapid development of my country's national economy, the automobile industry has ushered in a period of rapid development. With the substantial growth of automobile production, people have also put forward higher requirements for automobile quality. In the automobile coating production line, from the body pretreatment → electrophoresis → middle coating → topcoat, the automobile body can go off the assembly line after dozens of treatment processes. Each treatment process must be equipped with a corresponding coating filter system to remove dust impurities, oil stains and rust, and ensure the uniformity and excellence of the body coating effect. At the same time, circulating and filtering the material liquid, improve the efficiency of coating material liquid and water use, and reduce operating costs. The pretreatment link of painting is the basis of the automobile painting process. The quality of the pretreatment process becomes the key to the success of the entire body painting process. The key to improving the cleaning effect is to perform multiple water washes between each process section in the pre-painting of automobiles. Usually, the pollution control of each wash water is required to be less than 1/10 of the concentration of the treatment solution in the previous process, that is, the purpose of diluting it by 10 times. Under the requirements of improving water utilization efficiency and reducing costs, how to filter and recycle cleaning water and ensure the cleanliness of water quality has become the key to the success of the filtration system. 

Bag filter is a type of fluid filtration system, which consists of a filter container, a supporting mesh basket and a filter bag. In the filter container, the liquid flows from the water inlet into the filter bag supported by the filter basket made of perforated plate, and is evenly distributed in the filter bag. The filter container has no negative effect of turbulence. Intercepted in filter bags, which can be replaced or cleaned. Bag filter technology is mainly used in: coating, dye and chemical industries. The bag filter can be divided into single bag type and multi-bag type according to the number of bags, and can be divided into side entry type and top entry type according to the position of the feeding hole. The filter bag materials are polypropylene, nylon and polyester.

bag filter


The bag filter technology has a compact structure, a small footprint and a wide range of filtration precision. At the same time, the unit area has a large flow rate, low filtration resistance, and low cost; it is convenient and fast to use and maintain; it has complete specifications, various materials and a wide range of applications.
Because the filter bag used for filtration is low in cost, and if the filter system is blocked, and the filter bag can be sacrificed to protect the expensive coating liquid, which can greatly reduce the operating cost of the depot: the common top-type design allows the filter bag to be replaced. It is more convenient and saves a lot of labor costs; the evenly distributed streamlines in the filter container make the impurities trapped on the surface of the filter medium of the filter bag evenly distributed.
The filter bag support basket has a high opening rate to ensure that the filter system has a small volume and a large flow rate. At the same time, the high-strength support can effectively prevent the migration of the filter bag fibers, ensuring the complete mechanical structure of the filter bag and high-efficiency filtration performance. Through the modular design, the standard size filter basket is suitable for all standard size filter bags, which greatly improves the versatility of filter bag selection.

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