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Characteristics of Each Type of Bag Filter Housing

At present, there are various types of bag filters on the market, including stainless steel bag filters, top entry bag filters, side entry series flat cover bag filters, and PP bag filters. This article mainly introduces the characteristics of these types of bag filters.

bag filter housing

Stainless Steel Bag Filter: 
The stainless steel bag filter has many advantages such as simple structure, reasonable structure, good sealing performance, strong flow capacity and easy operation. The small probability of side leakage of the filter bag is one of its major characteristics, which can not only ensure the filtration accuracy accurately, but also quickly can be replaced the filter bag. The inner and outer surfaces of the equipment are polished by mechanical sandblasting, which is uniform and easy to clean. In addition, stainless steel filters can also be provided with filters in the form of heating jackets, adjustable support feet or hooks according to customer requirements, so as to meet the individual needs.

Top Entry Bag Filter:
The top-entry bag filter adopts the traditional top-in and low-out filter method of the bag filter for solid-liquid separation. The top entry type can make the liquid to be filtered flow from high to low, and the filter bag is not affected by turbulent flow, which can improve the filter efficiency and service life of the filter bag. The top entry type has the advantages of good sealing effect, preventing side leakage and large effective filtering area. In addition, the filtration efficiency of the top-entry type is more convenient and quick to replace the filter bag than other types, and the operating cost is lower, which can adapt to the requirements of specific application spaces.

Side Entry Series Flat Cover Bag Filters:
Side entry series flat cover bag filter is a kind of equipment that can be matched with any connection direction of the feed port. Its simple structure makes it easier to clean the filter, and with small corner space, the equipment can be used in various industries. The single sealing ring design of the side entry series flat cover bag filter can provide an excellent sealing effect, and the three-point filter bag pressing plate makes the sealing of the filter bag more transparent to ensure the operation.

Top Entry Filter(Turtle Back Type) :
The top entry filter is a new type of filter. The upper cover of the machine is integrally formed with a casting mold, so that the filter can withstand high-pressure filtration. The filter bag is supported by a metal inner mesh inside, and the liquid flows in from the inlet and flows out after being filtered by the filter bag. Impurities are intercepted in the filter bag, and the filter bag can continue to be used after replacement. This model is specially designed and produced for customers who need high temperature and acid and alkali resistance characteristics.

PP bag filter:
PP bag filter is a filtration system made of PP (polypropylene) material. With the excellent chemical resistance of PP material, it can be used for the filtration application of many chemical acid and alkali liquids. It is a high-quality product without seams, dead angles.

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