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Duplex Bag Filter Housing

Duplex bag filter is composed of two cylindrical cylinders and connecting pipeline, with stainless steel screen and screen support basket inside the cylinder; the top is equipped with air release valve for discharging the air inside the filter when filtering. The top cover is connected to the filter cartridge by flange type structure, and three adjustable legs can make the filter placed on the ground smoothly. The inlet and outlet valve adopts three-way ball valve to open and close, which is pressure and temperature resistant, flexible and convenient to operate, no liquid leakage and more hygienic.

duplex bag filter housing

Working principle of duplex bag filter: Using a three-way ball valve and two ball valves, two single cartridge filters are assembled on one seat, cleaning the filter without stopping, ensuring its continuous work.

Duplex bag filter is suitable for filtering all kinds of fine particles impurities in fresh milk, sugar liquid, beverage, gum liquid, heavy oil, residual oil and other liquid materials. Two filter cartridges can be filtered simultaneously or alternately, and the screen can be replaced without stopping, which is especially suitable for continuous production. It has the characteristics of large dirt-holding capacity, fast filtration speed, low cost of use and convenient operation.

The duplex bag filter overcomes the small dirt-holding capacity of traditional filter, easy to be clogged by dirt when filtering, and the filtering part needs to be dismantled manually, so that the filter body of the duplex bag filter has increased capacity and will never be clogged when filtering, and the greater part is that it can not only complete the filtration of sewage, but also automatically clean and discharge after filtration. Moreover, it can supply water uninterruptedly at the same time of cleaning, so the design can meet the needs of users.

When choosing the duplex bag filter, users should mainly consider the flow rate, pressure, filtration accuracy and the amount of suspended matter in the water, which should be based on the actual requirements. At the same time, its electrical equipment also realizes remote monitoring, operation, etc., so that people do not have to keep next to the filter to wait for the completion of filtration for the next step.

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