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Duplex Bag Filter Housing

Duplex Bag Filter Housings, also known as duplex switch filters, are formed by two parallel stainless steel filters. They feature a novel and reasonable structure, good sealing, strong flow capacity, and easy operation, making them versatile and adaptable filtration equipment.

Duplex Bag Filter Housing

Working Principle:

The Duplex Bag Filter Housing has stainless steel filter screens and support baskets inside the filter cartridge, equipped with an air release valve at the top to discharge air from the filter. The top cover is connected to the filter cartridge using a quick-opening structure for convenient cleaning and replacement of the filter screen. Three-way ball valves are used for inlet and outlet valves, offering pressure resistance and temperature resistance while being flexible and easy to operate.

Technical Parameters:

  1. Filtration Area: 0.15 m² - 15 m²
  2. Filtration Capacity: 5 t/h - 900 t/h
  3. Operating Temperature: ≤120°C
  4. Mesh Pore Size: 60 ~ 1000 mesh
  5. Operating Pressure: ≤1.6 MPa
  6. Filter Material: Q235, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316
  7. Inlet/Outlet Diameter: DN20-DN250

Product Features:

  1. Continuous Operation without Shutdown:

Traditional single-barrel filters require stopping the main engine for cleaning or inspection when the filter cartridge is clogged to a certain extent. The duplex filter overcomes this by using two three-way ball valves, assembling two single-barrel filters on one base. Cleaning the filter can be done without stopping the machine, ensuring continuous operation.

  1. Quick-Opening Structure for Easy Replacement and Cleaning:

The Duplex Bag Filter Housing's top cover is connected to the filter cartridge using a quick-opening structure, making it more convenient to clean (replace) the filter screen. Three adjustable support feet ensure stable placement on the ground. The connection pipelines use flexible joints or clamps. Inlet and outlet valves use three-way ball valves for pressure resistance, temperature resistance, flexibility, and convenience, with no material leakage, ensuring hygiene.

  1. Corrosion Resistance with Stainless Steel Material:

The Duplex Bag Filter Housing is available in 304 and 316 stainless steel materials, suitable for handling various acidic and alkaline liquids, solvents, and neutral liquids.

  1. Novel and Reasonable Structure, Good Sealing:

The duplex filter has many advantages, such as a novel and reasonable structure, good sealing, strong flow capacity, and easy operation, making it a widely used equipment.

  1. Low Probability of Side Leakage:

The Duplex Bag Filter Housing has a low probability of side leakage for filter bags, ensuring accurate filtration precision and quick bag replacement, with minimal material consumption, significantly reducing operating costs.

Application Fields:

  1. Industrial Applications:

Used for simple filtration of cooling water in some industries where cooling water is reused multiple times to save costs.

  1. Steel and Petroleum Industry:

Utilized in the filtration of circulating water in the steel and petroleum industries.

  1. Domestic Use:

Applied for the filtration of daily water use and some process water in daily life.

  1. Aquaculture Industry:

Used in seafood aquaculture centers with water quality requirements, requiring the purification of seawater, and in freshwater aquaculture for water filtration.

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