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Filter Bags

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Filter bags, as filtration consumables, are widely used in industrial production with a high demand. Throughout the entire dust removal process, filter bags play a crucial role as dust removal tools, directly impacting the overall dust removal effectiveness.

Filter Bag

I. Types of Filter Bags:

  1. Classification by shape includes flat bags and round bags.
  2. Classification by filtration mode includes external filtration and internal filtration.
  3. Classification by the type of products filtered includes granular filter bags, colloidal filter bags, and oil filter bags.
  4. Classification by material includes commonly used liquid filter bag consumables such as nylon, stainless steel, non-woven fabric, and absorbent cotton.

II. Application Fields

Iron and steel plants, ferroalloy plants, refractory plants, foundries, power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, grain processing plants, carbon black plants, aluminum plants, etc.

III. Maintenance of Filter Bags

The short service life of dust removal filter bags can be influenced by various factors including improper use of filter bag types, filter bag quality, filtration air velocity, dust load, dust composition, dust characteristics, cleaning methods, cleaning frequency, system startup, shutdown frequency, etc.

IV. Frequency of Filter Bag Replacement

The replacement time for filter bags depends on various factors and should be determined based on the condition of the filter bags. Generally, the following situations indicate the need for filter bag replacement:

  1. Filter bags are torn or damaged.
  2. Filter bags are blocked, leading to the inability to filter air properly.
  3. The surface of the filter bag is covered with excessive dust, losing its filtering function.

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