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Bag Filter

  1. Four Major Classifications:

Bag Filter

(1) Single Bag Filter

The bag filter is designed for side inlet and outlet or bottom inlet and outlet configurations, using filter bags as the filtration core. It is suitable for precise liquid filtration, removing trace impurities. Compared to cartridge filters, it has outstanding advantages of high flow rate, quick operation, and cost-effective consumables, making it particularly suitable for filtering viscous liquids.

(2) Multi-Bag Filter

Applicable Industries and Fluids

  • Applicable Industries: Fine chemicals, water treatment, papermaking, automotive industry, petrochemicals, machining, coatings, electronics, etc.
  • Applicable Fluid Types: Extremely versatile, suitable for various liquids containing trace impurities.
  • Main Filtration Functions: Removal of particles of various sizes, purification of liquids, protection of critical equipment.
  • Filtration Type: Particle filtration, using disposable filter materials, replaced manually at regular intervals.

(3) Quick-Open Bag Filter

Designed with a quick-opening top cover for frequent filter bag replacements. It is ideal for batch operations and applications with high dirt loads, featuring a rapid opening mechanism to ensure easy operation.

(4) Top-In Bag Filter

Liquid flows into the filter from the inlet and passes through the filter bag, with impurity particles larger than the filtration pore size being intercepted on the inner surface or middle of the filter material. The liquid flows outwards through the filter bag at the outlet. When impurities accumulate on the filter bag and form a filter cake, causing the pressure difference to reach 0.05-0.1 MPa, the blocked filter bag is replaced, and the filtration process can continue.

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