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Filter Bags

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Filter bags are the critical filtration medium in the operation of bag filters. The selection and quality of the filter bags greatly impact the filtration efficiency and product quality.

Filter Bag

Filter bags exhibit excellent chemical stability and heat resistance, representing the highest performance in the filter material industry. Among all commonly used filtration materials, they are considered the most advanced, achieving high levels of filtration efficiency and precision.

During usage, filter bags need to be used in conjunction with corresponding bag filters. This allows the system fluid pressure to be effectively utilized, efficiently pressing the liquid through the filter bags to achieve the desired filtration.

The most commonly used materials for filter bags are four types: Polyester (PE), Polypropylene (PO/PP), Nylon (NMO), and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Other materials and subcategories include: non-woven fabric, filter cotton, polyester, polyester monofilament mesh, polypropylene monofilament mesh, melt-blown polypropylene, monofilament nylon, multifilament nylon mesh, polypropylene, synthetic fiber, nylon, fiberglass, synthetic fibers, and pure cotton fibers.

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