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Bag Filter

As efforts to tackle water pollution in China increase, new standards and policies have been introduced, raising the discharge requirements for industrial wastewater and sewage treatment plants.

Bag Filter

To achieve consistently high discharge standards and facilitate the recycling and reuse of waste liquids and gases, advanced treatment technologies have become essential components.

A bag filter is a commonly used mechanical device designed to filter liquids, gases, or solid particles, thereby achieving separation or purification.

Filters are widely used in various fields, including agriculture and industry, such as irrigation systems, livestock farming, hydraulic systems, air compressors, and chemical production.

In industrial production, filters are primarily used to remove suspended solids and particulates from water, reduce turbidity, purify water, and decrease the formation of system fouling, bacteria, algae, and rust, thus ensuring the proper functioning of other system equipment.

They are commonly employed in metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, paper, pharmaceutical, food, mining, power, and municipal water supply sectors. Applications include the filtration of industrial wastewater and circulating water, the regeneration of emulsions, waste oil filtration, and in the metallurgical industry, for continuous casting water systems, blast furnace water systems, and high-pressure water descaling systems used in hot rolling processes.

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