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Filter Bags for Filters

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Bottom Shape of Filter Bags:
The bottom shapes of filter bags include arc-shaped, pointed, trapezoidal, flat plate, and cylindrical.

Filter Bag

Filtration Precision:
The filtration precision of filter bags typically ranges from 0.5 to 2500 micrometers (μm).

Standard Sizes:
Filter bags come in various standard sizes, categorized from size 1 to size 5.

Spec. Size (mm) Filtration Area Maximum Flow Rate (Water) Capacity
1# Φ180*430 0.25㎡ 20 tons/hour 8L
2# Φ180*810 0.5㎡ 40 tons/hour 17L
3# Φ105*230 0.09㎡ 6 tons/hour 1.3L
4# Φ105*380 0.16㎡ 12 tons/hour 2.5L
5# Φ155*560 0.18㎡ 12 tons/hour 8L

Sealing Methods:
There are two sealing methods for filter bags: heat-sealed and sewn. The sewn method is more durable under high pressure differences and can be reinforced with double-layer stitching.

Bag Mouth Ring Materials:
Common materials for the bag mouth rings include galvanized iron, stainless steel, plastic rings (PE/PP), and tie band type.

Filter bags have the advantages of high flow rate, large processing capacity, and long service life. They are particularly suitable for applications requiring large flow rates and sealed filtration.

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