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Bag Filter

JX FILTRATION Bag Filter Features and Advantages:

Bag Filter
  1. Operating Temperature: <200℃ (depending on the seal material).
  2. Material: Made of genuine SS304/316L stainless steel.
  3. Quick-Open Lid Design: Saves labor costs during operation.
  4. Optimized Support Basket Perforation Design: Increases flow rate and extends the lifespan of the filter bag.
  5. High-Quality Butt Weld Connections: High strength and strong corrosion resistance.
  6. Elliptical Bottom: Fully conforms to the support filter bag.
  7. Multiple Models with Different Filtration Areas Available: Meets various flow rate requirements.
  8. Sandblasted Matte Surface: Attractive and easy to clean.
  9. Mirror Polished Interior Surface: Meets sanitary requirements.
  10. O-Ring Elastomer Seal: Ensures easy and durable tightening.
  11. High Filtration Accuracy: Suitable for any fine particles or suspended matter, with a filtration range from 0.5 to 200 microns.

Applications: Paint, pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, wastewater, industrial water, industrial wastewater, and more.

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