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How to Select Bag Filter Housing

In many industries, filters are often used. With the continuous development of technical means, bag filters have been widely used. But many customers are often overwhelmed by the lack of relevant knowledge when choosing a bag filter. So this article will help customers better choose the bag filter that suits their needs. This also saves time and effort when purchasing.

bag filter housing

The working principle of bag filter housing:

The bag filter is a new type of filter system, and inside bag filter is equipped with a metal mesh basket. The function of the basket is to support the filter bag. The liquid flows in from the inlet of the bag filter, and flows out from the outlet after being filtered by the filter bag, and the impurities are intercepted in the filter bag. The filter bag can be used after repeatedly cleaned or replaced.


1. When choosing a bag filter, the material of the filter bag is the first factor to consider. The success or failure of the filter bag material selection will directly affect the filtering effect. Wrong filter bag material will lead to material contamination and reduced filtering effect. Generally, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the filter material, design temperature, pH and operating conditions (such as whether it needs to withstand steam, hot water or sterilization chemicals, etc.), evaluate one by one, and eliminate the filter materials that are not suitable.
2. Application is also an important factor. For example, the filter material used for drugs, food or cosmetics must be FDA-approved; for ultra-pure water, pure filter material that does not contain emissions that will affect the specific impedance must be selected, etc.
3. As the strength of my country's textile industry continues to increase, filter bags have also been exported to foreign countries in large numbers, and have already occupied a place in the international market. Due to the lack of relevant standards for filter bags and technical means of production at home and abroad, the quality of filter bags is uneven, which brings difficulties to the selection. For this reason, the technical information provided by the manufacturer is very important and is the only basis for selection. The final selection of filter bags from different manufacturers will be different. For this reason, we often propose trial solutions. It is to first send our customers a high-precision filter bag to help analyze the effect of filtration, and then decide whether choose it or need to change a bag.
4. When the flow is not very large, try to choose a filter bag. Choose a smaller size filter, so the maintenance of bag filter will be easier. When the flow rate is large, consider using double-bag, three-bag or more bags filter. In the case of high operating pressure (or design pressure), it is not appropriate to use too many filter bags. Because more filter bags, larger diameter of bag filter will be, and its flange and bolts will be larger, and it will be inconvenient to replace the filter bag. It is a good choice to choose two single-bag or three-bag filters in parallel, which can not only solve the problem of operation and maintenance, but also serve as backup for each other.
5. Like other type of filters, the filtration area is key. If the filter area is too large, it is not only uneconomical, but also sometimes inconvenient to the operation; if the filter area is selected too small, it will bring inconvenience to the operation, and possibly, the bag filter will not be able to be used. It is particularly important to choose a suitable filter area.

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