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Inspection and Solutions for Filter Bag Damage

Bag Filter Filter Bag
  1. Main Inspection

The bag filter has undergone quality inspection and no-load operation at the factory, and its performance meets the factory requirements. However, during disassembly and transportation, collisions may occur, causing deformation of the equipment, which needs to be promptly corrected.

Filter Bag
  1. Inspection of Filter Bags and Framework

The quality of filter bags directly affects dust removal efficiency. Therefore, before installation, carefully inspect each filter bag seam for firmness, and check for any loose threads or damage.

  1. Inspection of Ash Discharge Device

The ash discharge device is located in the lower part of the baghouse and consists of a motor, a turbine reducer, and a screw ash discharge valve. During assembly, the output shaft and input shaft should be kept concentric to ensure normal operation.

  1. Inspection of Control Instrument

The control instrument (electrical control, pneumatic control, mechanical control) should be inspected and debugged before installation, and installation should only proceed after confirming that there are no issues.

Inspecting the Causes of Damage

(1) Inspections and handling should avoid cleaning times or shutdowns. Warning signs should be posted, and inspections can only be carried out when safety is ensured.

(2) Record the inspection of damaged bags and identify the reasons for the damage to fundamentally solve the problem. If damaged bags consistently appear in a specific room or location, investigate the causes from the system design and installation perspective.

(3) If no damaged bags are found after all inspection doors are opened, and the outlet emission concentration still exceeds standards, check for leakage in the baffle or duct.

How to Resolve Filter Bag Damage?

After prolonged use, the decreased air permeability of the filter bag layer due to fine dust affects system airflow. Even if not damaged, replacement should be considered.

The filter bag is a critical component of the bag filter, affecting whether dust pollution meets emission standards. The lifespan of the filter bag also directly relates to the operational costs of the bag filter housing. No complacency should be tolerated.

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