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Material of Multi-bag Filter's Bag

Bag Filter Filter Bag

Multi-bag filter is the largest water treatment filter equipment, due to the combination of multi-bag, it can reach a maximum of 300 tons/hour of water production. It can meet the demand of large and super large industrial sewage filtration treatment. The filtering effect of multi-bag filter is mainly determined by the material of filter bag. Customers can choose different filter bag to process various material. In the actual sewage treatment, it is necessary to choose the filter bag material according to different sewage.

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1. PP filter bag is a non-toxic tasteless opalescent high crystalline polymer. The water quality is stable, the crystallinity of polypropylene is high, the structure is regular, its strength and hardness, elasticity are higher than PE. In addition, polypropylene also has good heat resistance, melting point in 164-170℃, under the action of no external force, can withstand 150℃ high temperature. Stable chemical properties, excellent anti - corrosion effect. But it cannot be eroded by concentrated acids and alkali.

2. PE filter bag is a thermoplastic resin prepared by polymerization of ethylene. Low pressure polyethylene is used as raw material and spun into synthetic fiber. Polyethylene odorless and tasteless, with high temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, steam permeability resistance, stress cracking resistance and many other advantages, excellent low temperature resistance, PE minimum operating temperature at -100℃, good chemical stability. At room temperature, water solubility is poor, water absorption is small, insulation and impact resistance are strong.

3 PTFE filter bag made of PTFE, PTFE is known as non-stick coating and easy to clean materials which is almost insoluble in any organic solvents. The maximum operating temperature is 250℃. It has good mechanical toughness and maintains good elongation at very low temperature. It is showed inert to most of the chemicals and solvents used in industry and resistant to strong acids and alkali.

4. Nylon material filter bag. Nylon material is made of monofilament or nylon monofilament material made of white nylon mesh. Its absolute accuracy range is between 20-500 mesh. Nylon material has high acid and alkaline resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, long service life, can be repeatedly cleaned. The maximum tolerance temperature is 160℃, and the comprehensive use effect is good. The filtration effect is wonderful for ink and oil material.  

5. Stainless steel mesh filter bag, stainless steel mesh is divided into 304 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel. 304 stainless steel temperature in 196℃-500℃, 304 stainless steel material easy to rust, need to keep clean and dry. 316L stainless steel is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, excellent creep resistance, 316L stainless steel is also able to withstand the erosion of the industrial atmosphere and the ocean, can be used continuously below 700 degrees and intermittent use below 1600 degrees.

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