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Bag Filter Housing Options

Not all industries are created equal, and for each we offer unique bag filter housings to meet all your needs.

Bags Filter Housing

Filter vessels are usually stripped and passivated for post-soldering finish. As an option, filter containers can be bead-blasted for a more uniform appearance or polished for a smooth and shiny appearance.

For certain application scenarios, especially industrial filtration operations for pharmaceuticals, food processing and fine chemicals. At the end of the cycle, the volume of liquid in the filtration vessel can be a loss to the process. This stainless steel displacement float reduces the volume in the filter bag. This float can be ordered at a later stage.

In the standard version, the connection on the filter vessel has a gas connection, the female pipe. In custom version, we can manufacture filter vessels with all available connections such as Camlock, clamp, SMS, flange, hemispherical connections…

In the standard version, the tripod is made of folded and welded stainless steel. This support can also be electropolished or made of tubular 316L stainless steel.

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