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The Advantages of Bag Filter Housings

Bag filter housings are popular because of their many advantages. Reliability, performance, simplicity, filtration quality and economy are just some of it best features. It is also possible to adapt the filter vessel, so that it can be easily integrated into an existing installation.

Bag Filter Housing

All components of the bag filter housing are fully traceable. We can also customize according to your requirements. The filter vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with EU standards.

The path of fluid flow is designed to be the shortest for easy filtrating cleaning. There is a wide variety of high-performance filter bags (ranging from less than one micron to hundreds of microns) and the design of the filter vessel guarantees perfect sealing with the filter bags.

The filter housing is designed for ease of use. The tilting covers allow quick filter bag changes. The tripods are compact and ensure the stability of the filter vessel.

With no automation and moving parts, bag filter housings are a cost-effective and economical purchase. When compared to flow rating, bag usage is often insignificant compared to the volume of product filtered in the process. Bag filters are undeniably the easiest customizable filters on the market.

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