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Introducing Duplex Bag Filter Housing

The Duplex Bag Filter, also known as the Duplex Switching Filter, consists of two stainless steel filters connected in parallel. It features a novel and rational structure, excellent sealing, strong flow capacity, and easy operation. Particularly, the low probability of bag leakage ensures accurate filtration precision. It allows for quick bag replacement, resulting in minimal material consumption during filtration, thereby reducing operational costs.

Working Principle and Structural Features Two three-way ball valves are employed to assemble two single-cylinder filters on a single base. The filters can be cleaned without stopping the system, ensuring continuous operation, making it the preferred filtration device for non-stop production lines. The filter element of this filter, besides utilizing stainless steel filter cores, can also adopt high-quality honeycomb-type degreased fiber cotton, capable of filtering particles with a diameter of 1μm or more. The Duplex Filter can also be used as a single cylinder by removing the common base, with no change in other dimensions.

The internal and external surfaces of the Duplex Filter are polished. The filter cylinder is equipped with stainless steel filter mesh and a support basket. It features a vent valve at the top, releasing air from the filter during filtration. The top cover is connected to the filter cylinder using a quick-opening structure, making it more convenient to clean (replace) the filter mesh. Three adjustable support feet ensure stable placement on the ground. The connection of the pipeline can be achieved through quick coupling or clamping connection methods. The inlet and outlet valves use three-way ball valves for opening and closing, offering pressure and temperature resistance, flexible and convenient operation, and ensuring sanitary conditions with no liquid leakage.

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