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Key Factors for Choosing Bag Filter Housing

I. Practicality

Practicality is, of course, a crucial consideration when selecting a bag filter housing. This equipment requires frequent replacement of filter bags during use. If it is a high-quality device, it will have an automatic pressure distribution function when the liquid enters, minimizing the impact on the filter bag and effectively protecting it. This ensures a more stable filtration effect.

bag filter housing

II. Filtration Area

Considering the high impurity content in water, filter bag replacement can be frequent. The longer the downtime during replacement, the less conducive it is to production. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the filtration area appropriately in the initial system design.

III. Filtration System

  1. If the viscosity of the filtered medium is too high, the flow rate of the system will decrease. Therefore, when selecting, attention should be paid to ensuring that the flow rate is greater than the theoretical flow rate.

  2. The higher the filtration precision of the equipment, the denser the filter material. A higher density results in greater resistance to sewage flow, reducing the filtration capacity. Therefore, it is essential to choose equipment with a larger filtration area.

  3. If the retained medium in the sewage is hard, surface filtration equipment should be selected, such as metal mesh or nylon mesh. For soft or colloidal particles, choose deep filtration equipment.

  4. Consider the site area and production continuity. For example, evaluate whether using a single machine in parallel or a multi-bag machine is more suitable.

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