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Duplex Bag Filter Housing

The duplex bag filter housing consists of two identical filters connected in parallel, allowing for simultaneous operation to increase flow rate or for one filter to be used as a backup.

Duplex Bag Filter Housing

The duplex filter housing is composed of two cylindrical vessels and connecting pipelines, with polished inner and outer surfaces. Each filter housing contains a stainless steel filter mesh and a filter support basket. The top is equipped with an air release valve to discharge air from the filter during operation. The cover is connected to the filter housing with a quick-opening structure, making it more convenient to clean or replace the filter mesh.

Three adjustable legs ensure stable placement on the ground. The connecting pipelines use union or clamp connections, and the inlet and outlet valves are sanitary butterfly valves, which are pressure and temperature resistant, flexible, and easy to operate with no material leakage, ensuring a more hygienic process.

This filter housing is suitable for filtering fine particulate impurities from liquids such as fresh milk, sugar syrup, beverages, latex, and herbal extracts.

The two filter housings can operate simultaneously or alternately. By switching the valves, the filter mesh can be cleaned or replaced without stopping the operation, making it particularly suitable for continuous production.

The duplex bag filter housing offers advantages such as large contaminant holding capacity, fast filtration speed, low operating costs, and convenient operation.

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