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Bag Filter Housing Usage Guidelines

Bag filter housings, especially those made of stainless steel, require careful attention during operation. These filter housings consist of a metal mesh basket supporting the filter bag. Liquid flows in through the inlet, undergoes filtration through the bag, and exits through the outlet, leaving impurities trapped in the filter bag. After replacing the filter bag, the system is ready for continued use.

Bag Filter Housing

Here are some important considerations when using bag filter housings:

  1. Regular Monitoring: During regular use, it is crucial to frequently check the pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet of the filtration system. When the pressure reaches 0.05-0.1Mpa, it is time to promptly replace the filter bag. Failure to do so may result in excessive pressure differentials, leading to bag rupture and damage to the support mesh.

  2. Safe Opening of Filter Housing: When opening the cover of the filter housing, it is important to do so correctly. The cover should not be opened when there is pressure inside the bag filter, as the remaining liquid may spray out, causing loss of liquid and potential harm. Follow these steps for safe opening:

    • Close the input valve. If there is pressure at the outlet, close the output valve.
    • Ensure that the exhaust valve is connected to a safe location or the suction port. Open the exhaust valve to prevent injury and contamination.
    • Check the pressure gauge to confirm internal pressure is at 0. At this point, the bag filter should be disconnected from the pipeline system.
    • If there is a drain valve, ensure the drained liquid is directed to a recovery point. Open the drain valve and close it once the remaining liquid in the bag filter has been drained. This discharge process can be completed in coordination with a pressurization method.
    • Unscrew the top cover cap, lift the cover, and for multi-bag filters, rotate it to a certain angle.
  3. Filter Bag Replacement: When replacing filter bags, specific precautions should be taken. Stainless steel bag filter housings use filter bags made of fine fibers. These materials have poor hydrophilicity, meaning the fibers' surfaces are not easily wetted by water. Therefore, before use, the filter bag should be moistened with a low-surface-tension liquid matching the filtering liquid. Additionally, before installation, immerse the filter bag in a pre-wetting solution compatible with the filtering liquid for a few minutes.

    During replacement, it is essential to correctly open the top cover of the bag filter housing. After securely placing the cover, carefully remove the used filter bag and insert the new one.

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